Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hena Tattoo anyone??? Well I hear they are new hit thing... just kidding but Julie and I did (not kidding) get a Hena Tattoo today.... and before your name is Keith Williams or Vickie Pierce and you are freaking out... they only last 5-6 days... and they are made out of natural Hena... so no harm done... just a chance to look really cool... :-)

Julie's ankle above... and mine below... I am loving butterflies lately.
Before the hena falls off... after it falls off.
We got this done at Holland Village today after getting a mani/pedi.... we soon had to pick up Pierce from school and come home for lunch...
Terrible pic (below) but proof that Pierce has the camera again (he is sitting in JuJu's lap).


Corrie said...

I've always wanted to get a henna tattoo! I used to work with a Pakistani girl and when she got married her hands and arms were covered with henna and it looked so neat. Yours looks great!

Jordan said...

Maybe Pierce has a new hobby or will grow up to be a really talented photographer!!:) Nice Tat!:)

Jones Family said...

You know I love me some body art!!!! :->


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