Friday, August 7, 2009

National Day Rehearsal with Friends!

We attended the last "Rehearsal for National Day" last Saturday night... we any everyone else (almost the entire population of Singapore it seemed) headed to the Marina to watch the show... I had heard that is was great but had no idea what was in store for us... we had a great night with Unruh's (once again)... There are alot of pics here (and I could have done a slideshow but I print my blogs into a book so this works better... enjoy).

One tiny bridge to get over to the marina from where we parked... try getting 2 small children through this... crazy but oh so much fun.

Happy 44th Birthday Singapore!

The show on the water was amazing... they had a military battle... these marines were trying to catch some ninja looking guys on jet skiis... and the gun of course did not work but it had sound and cool... Pierce was in heaven..

Pierce did not want to take this pic bc the show was behind us (so he refused to smile) and Violet was so nervous from all the gun fire around us she was pulling my hair out but still a great pic...

I turned around for a second and I could not find Pierce... if we were not in Singapore I would have panicked but I soon found him here... just sitting down watching the show... never thought my son could sit still until this night.

I had to sneak in front to get this pic.... oh how I adore him.

The ninja type guys being chased by the military.

Great shot of the Merlion and all the spectators across the marina.

Soon Violet joined him on the step (you will have to watch the video below... so cute).

Holding hands with his girlfriend... these two blonde babes are little heart breakers for sure.

Pierce did not want her to get up... "hey come back".

So happy that she came back.... you have got to watch the video.

We soon sat down for dinner at a lovely Chinese restaurant (you have got to see what Pierce ate)... and I was too late to get this pic, I could not get my camera in time... but you get the idea... the Singapore flag.

When night fall came... a band came on that did a tribute to Michael Jackson.... they were awesome.

Hey mom... can I eat this... sure why not.... do you know what it is?

Crunch, crunch, crunch....yummy.

Can I have some more... and more... I could not believe it... do you know what it is yet?
A big plate of crunchy baby squid... he loved them... never would have thought that he would eat it... I love that Pierce will eat about anything (once or twice)... I love that we live in Asia and he is getting to try these types of food... his favorite food to date is sushi and Chicken Satay.
We just adore the Unruh's and we have so much fun every time we are together.

My parents gave us some glow in the dark bracelets for the 4th and we had some extra's so we brought them along... and they were once again a big hit with the kids...

Dancing to the music (must see the dancing video at the table.).

Our little "worshiper" he would stand like this facing the band... he loves music.

"Tree Huggers"

Everyone is getting a little hot... we have to go inside for some ice cream soon.

But we have to see the fireworks first... wow... it was a short show but one of the best ones I have seen... and the finale was spectacular... and remember this was just the rehearsal show... the real one is this Sunday night the 9th of August.

Not sure if you can tell how big this was... but this was the finale... no colors just solid white everywhere... the huge tent below is where the band was and where Pierce was sitting earlier.. this might give you a little perspective of how big this was... amazing.

Waiting for our Ice cream... all there babies... Baby Unruh, Pierce and Violet. We just can't wait until Baby Unruh makes his appearance... I can't wait to get my hands on him...if he is anything like his sister Violet... we will love him for sure.

Pierce wanting Violet to sit right next to him to watch the show... a little aggressive but I think she liked it until she fell... they are so cute.

We could hear the band at our table and everyone was dancing... they had a concert that was a tribute to Michael Jackson... it was really good and I think some of the songs were done better by this band (don't hate me for saying that).
We are not going to the real show this weekend (it will be crazy down there) we will be celebrating early on Saturday with friends and having family night on Sunday the 9th..the real birthday for Singapore.


Jennifer said...

Looks like you had fun. Pierce seems to be a bit of a player. He kisses Elyse in the morning and then is all over Violet at night. I'm not so sure what I think of that...

Melanie said...

Looks like a blast.....I had no idea that was going on. Ah well.

Renee Westcott said...

Oh my, all that just for a rehearsal? What a crazy fun night. I'm glad P had his g-friend along to make it extra special.

Jordan said...

That video is a keeper! Haha He did NOT want her to leave!


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