Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy but loving every minute of it... saturday Part 1 - Elyse's Bday!

Our sweet friend Elyse turned 2 on Friday... we got to go to the zoo with her and then had her birthday party on Saturday... oh how much fun we had.

Here is the birthday girl... so cute.

Every birthday girl gets kisses... right?

We got to play inside with balloons and Pierce made tunnels with the chairs... and then we got to head outside for some water time... the party was held at Mel's condo and it is the best kiddie pool I have seen at a condo here... so nice.

After fun in the sun we all headed back in for lunch and cake...
I know some parents that dread birthday parties... why... when they are so much fun... especially with a group like this... Happy Birthday Elyse.


Lisa said...

How fun! I actually really like birthday parties, too - celebrating a child's life AND getting to do something fun! Hope you guys have a wonderful day. Oh, and just wanted to let you know that I use your blog as background music when I'm checking email, paying bills, etc. So, thanks!

Rachel Kerbel said...

love the open mouth kiss from pierce! CAKE! love it, enough said! fun

Jordan said...

So cute and looks fun! I love that the one mama is nursing while taking the picture! She's a total trooper!:)

Jones Family said...

Looks like a blast to me! What is he thinking, making out with that little girl. These boys are killing me. LOL!


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