Monday, August 10, 2009

3 post today...and more info.

Ok... I am really trying to pick up the speed here and catch up on my blogs... so that being said there are 3 new post today (this is 1 and then there are 2 more)... and I wanted to give you an update on Speechless Sunday yesterday....

I got alot of comments and emails about that one... We had Pierce's car seat in the guest room and one day he drags it in my bedroom and says he wants to watch a movie while sitting in it... so I put it on the bed and put him in it... then he asked to be strapped in... so I did it... and he loved it and probably watched a movie for about 30 min... I liked it bc I knew where he was at all times... we have not done it since... but it was fun.

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Melanie said...

Good idea....once they pass infancy, there's no "trapping" them!


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