Monday, August 3, 2009

Friday - Zoo with Playgroup!

We get alot of comments and emails about how busy we seem to be on the blog.. but you have not seen anything yet until you see this past weekend (more blogs to come)... Friday we started at the zoo with our new playgroup. The Singapore Zoo has to be one of the best zoo's I have ever been to (and we have even been to Steve Irwin's zoo in Aussie Town)... there are alot of free ranging animals and you can get really close to alot of closed in animals... It is the "up and personal" zoo.

And unlike most zoo's... the camera guys at the zoo took this pic with our camera and we did not even have to pay for it... I just love Singapore. In the last couple of weeks we have formed this small playgroup where we try to do something every week on Th or F. Gillian & Violet, Me & Pierce, Jess & Kaelan, Jenn & Elyse (they were already inside the park), Mel & Juliana (not here) and Jennifer, Caleb, & Levi (not here).

This is how we find Kaelan on most days.... happy and content... he is the youngest of the clan... we love his so much.

Sweet Violet... you have seen alot of her... Pierce's girlfriend.

Trying to get all of them to take a pic... forget it... but this is them in action... it does not get any better than this....

Our first stop the Splash Show..... we were sitting up high so we did not get wet... where is Pierce's mama???

Violet wanted to sit in my lap so Pierce ran to GIGI to sit in her lap.

Monkey everywhere... just hanging above our head on the trail.

Next stop the amazing Water Park at the Zoo.

Then Friday nap, then Friday Margarita's.... and we don't need pics of that do we??? Naaaa.... See you tomorrow.

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Jones Family said...

Here's a shout out to all the Super Singapore Moms that endure all the craziness for your kids to enjoy their day. You go, Ladies!


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