Saturday, August 8, 2009

Picnic in the Park with friends!

The Unruh fam invited us to join them at a park picnic and concert evening this past Sunday... Jayme works at Chevron and they were the sponsor... great friends, great music, great weather, and alot of fun... thanks Gillian and Jayme for the invitation.

When we first got there the guys wants to throw a Frisbee... well Pierce of course had to get in the fun.

Look at that form... the Frisbee is upside down but great form...

"Go Long Daddy".
After the kids were getting tired of running around... Gillian grabbed all the kids and we headed to make some kites so we could fly a kite (wish we would have brought ours but was not thinking).

We got to color the kites first.... and can you believe they gave us PERMANENT markers... what were they thinking....

The kids could not get the kites up by themselves but Pierce was not to happy that daddy was the only one who could fly it... here they were have a convo about who was going to fly it...

Daddy Jayme

Here Gillian and Jessica are trying to get the kites up... so funny I had to get the camera... I do have to note that I tried it with G before J came to rescue us and I could not get it up either.

We soon had to rest and take a breather... snacks and then dinner...

Is he not the cutest baby ever... oh how he is so yummy.... love our little Kaelan.

After dinner the kids were off again.. using someone else's toys.. but what a great Sunday that was... we can't wait until the next picnic is the park.

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