Tuesday, September 18, 2012

one month...

One MONTH... is it possible... I still don't believe how fast time is slipping by... you think with a schedule like mine that repeats every three hours all day (even through the night) each day would feel like an eternity... but no... I am still looking for the pause button... slow down clock... please.

Asher John at ONE month
5kg (11 lbs) - 80th percentile
57 cm (22.4in) in length - 85th percentile
40 cm (15.7in) in head cir. - 100th percentile

Eating - every three hours
Sleeping - between each feeding
Sounds - Coo's and Grunts
Smiles - with Gas
Happy - Extremely
Best Trait - patient
Cries - when tired
Nick Name - Little Caper, Asher Boy, Big Bird (given by Pierce)
Firsts - vaccinations, hiccups and wants to get his fingers in his mouth

We are totally addicted to Asher... and blessed to call him Son/Brother!


The next set of pics I could totally come up with some funny captions for each one... but I will spare you my thoughts... but take a look... you will see what I am talking about...Asher is full of many expressions... we love each one of them... even the "what you talkin about willis" one.

I love this last picture... he looks so big in some of the pics above and then this one in comparison to my hand... he still looks so little... I wish I could put him in a box and make him stop growing... but at the same time looking forward to all the fun adventures ahead with all my boys.

This video will give you a good idea of what a full belly looks like... Here is Asher after a feeding doing a lot of grunting, stretching and frowning...on his one month birthday!

The next video will be one that we will have to play at his high school graduation party... its ok to talk about "poo" when you are talking a baby poo right?  Well I am going to anyways... Asher does not poo everyday (like the books say he should)... instead he likes to store up and then waits for the right moment which is when he is in the swing (he will not poo anywhere else).  There is always a lot of grunting and squirting sounds (kind of explosive) and then I have a lot of clean up to do... if Daddy is the first to find him in this condition it is usually followed by "Mamma" that is said in an urgent tone.  the first sound you hear is a grunt and the second is a squirt... you will think they sound the same but trust me there is a big difference.  Enjoy.


Keri said...

I really want to hold him! Such a cute little guy....almost makes me wish I had another one. *sigh*

Denton Family said...

these are treasured moments. Can't wait to get my hands on him


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