Sunday, September 2, 2012

First week at home...

What a joy to finally be home... and not alone... thanks to ViVi and GD the first week was so much better with managing all the new "NEWS".  We had 6 hands (Daddy had to make a quick trip to Texas... we missed him) for 2 boys and a lot of love.  Pierce was so excited that we were finally home and I was so excited to be able to sleep in my own bed.  While in the hospital Asher stayed in the nursery at night (we wanted alert people with him when we were sleeping) so our first night home was our first night duty.  And... it went great... our little caper is an amazing time keeper and was awake every 3 hours for his feeding.  For the first 3 weeks Asher slept in our room and I so bad wanted to put him in bed with us but I restrained and he had his own little bed (but just an arm reach away).  I would be lying if I did not say I think I woke up every 5 min to check on him for the first couple of nights (that is what moms are for).

Some monumental moments were 1) Asher said "I love you mommy"... just kidding but I swear I heard him say it, 2) His umbilical cord fell off and made a cute little belly button, 3)  He was very spoiled by his ViVi and GD and likes to be held A LOT (but that's what grandparents are for).  

Here are some pics of our boys and some of the moments we had as we were stuck at home (staying away from all the germs).
Can you find Asher... Pierce would always want Asher to sleep on his bed while he played in his room.

Lots of love... lots of cuddling.

When I have a second I am going to look at my pics from when Pierce was this age... I have tons of pics of Pierce in this swing (just like below)... can't wait to compare them... don't you just want to cuddle this little miracle.  Cute little booties and socks on his hands... Asher turned out to be smaller than we expected and we really did not have any clothes for him that would fit and that would protect him from scratching his face so we had to resort to socks.  While daddy was in Houston Aunt JuJu went shopping for us and got us some new clothes... Thanks Aunt JuJu!

Our little caper has no real preference in sleeping as of right now... he can sleep any way you put him... but really likes to feel something next to his head.

With the camera just a clicking... Pierce wanted some pics of himself... here he is... we stayed most days in our PJ's.

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