Monday, September 17, 2012

Gifts... my love language.

The 5 love languages... although I love them all... my love language by far is "gift giving" meaning that I love to receive gifts... and I feel really loved when I get them... so thanks to all of those that love on us from near and afar... Living in a new country there are many times where you can feel sad and lonely... but when the postman comes to your house when a big box... it sure does help.
Now tell me how i can love on you... can't wait to pay you back...

There are many times where the whole family gathers around to open the box... filled with suspense (and Pierce can't wait to get his hands on his portion) we always read the card first... I usually cry but that is another story... :-)

We love and appreciate you all for loving and remembering us... Pierce just made the comment the other day "how come we celebrate Asher's birthday so long"... I assured him that when he was born we did the same for him... 

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