Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My boys... first week together...

Our first week at the house... was filled with a lot of quality time (stuck in the house).  We had so much fun learning, loving and relaxing.  I was still not feeling up for to much and a so wanted to play with my new lens (present from hubby) so I had to take some shots when I could... both of my boys are growing so fast.


Friday is a special day in our house... it is jacuzzi Friday... but when Grandad was here we had a lot more jacuzzi days... Pierce would get lots of bubbles and GD would stick his feet in the water... a perfect pair.

P and A had these matching shirts (below) and I wanted to get some pics of them together... it was a little more challenging than I thought (how do people take pics of infants)... here are some pics that we got... Asher did have some moments (see picture #2)... but they both did great and were patient while I played with my camera... 

Asher's poor eyes... all the red you see below is from me rubbing on them trying to get all the yellow crusties off (under-developed tear ducts)... and with the start of some baby acne... poor guy but still so cute.

Such a big brother... Pierce loves to help when Asher is not happy.

We couldn't leave the mittens off to long.. he loves to pull at his face... see the new red evidence on his face... 

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