Saturday, September 15, 2012

Where does time go...

I have had so much fun this morning looking back at pics of Pierce when he young... seeing all of Pierces old things come out of storage and be used again by his little brother has brought back a lot of memories and I really need to work on a comparison post of Pierce and Asher at the same age.  I think they look so much a like (they act different though).  Today Pierce climbed up in the vibrating chair and I had to take a picture and run to see if I could find a picture of him when he was little... so here you go... where does time go... the first picture is of Pierce (although it looks so much like Asher)

First Picture                                     Second Picture
Then                                                Now
2007                                                       2012
In Texas                                               In Korea
Only Child                                         Big Brother
10 lbs                                       55 lbs
Bald                   Hair most would die for
0 languages             4 languages (common words only)
Loved                  Loved (even more... if possible)

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