Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What we were doing...

When Asher first came home we did a lot of relaxing and resting (and staying inside).  Pierce still asks if we can go do something on the weekends (which is usually a museum or play club) but I have to remind him that Asher still has not gotten his shots yet.. and Pierce says "oh yeah the indoor shots.... we can't go anywhere until Asher get those... right mom?"  ViVi and Grandad were a huge help during this time... Grandad and Pierce spent many hours on the playground (swing set) chatting and playing. Vivi was either holding Asher, picking up the house, doing laundry or cooking... this was all so helpful (I wish they were still here).  Here are some pics of what we did that week (week 2 for Asher but week 1 at home).

Daddy was in Texas for work that first week we were home... this is what he was doing.. spending quality time with family and eating GREAT food (I was so jealous but so happy that he got that time with family).

Good thing Pierce loves to color and draw... a great activity when you are stuck in a FLAT for weeks at a time with no yard.

And Asher was really good at sleeping, eating and pooping (I spared you from the pic of the poop :-0)).

We even had some visitors... friends from the foreigners compound... so sweet for them to come and meet Asher and they brought him a cute little outfit.

And the dreaded doctor appointments... The Doctor is lovely and she does speak some English... but no matter what I don't think these are that much fun... and I hold my breath practically the whole time.. They wanted to jab him on this day but I was so worried we said no until we talk with pedi back home.

So happy and content in his car seat... I think this was the second time he had been in the car seat... once to get home and second to get back to the hospital.

The doctors office was packed on this day and we  really did not know what we were doing so it was good to have my parents there with us.  At first when my mom walked in she was carrying the car seat and someone asked her if the baby was hers... she laughed and pointed to me... 

Asher's serious look... 

It is very common for me to be feeding Asher and Pierce comes a running... we had to grab a picture.. since it is rare for me to be in the pics... I am thankful we have this one.

And we did a lot of this... sawing logs.

And we went on our first walk... Here Asher is all set to go... does he look comfortable or what?

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Kendell said...

Janalee and I were sick a few weeks ago and I read some of your recent posts. I am so happy for you! My prego hormones make me get all teary-eyed. Beautiful family inside and out. Love the pic of you with your two boys


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