Thursday, September 6, 2012

Meet his new class...

When the bell rang for school to begin... I was just not quite ready to leave my little man... we got to sneak in some pics and see how they were going to start each day.  Here are some pics of the kids with their new teacher Ms. You... don't they look so grown up... :-)

Here are the kids leaving assembly (gym) and heading to their classroom.
That's Pierce with the assistant teacher in the white shirt.

His new Kindi classroom... the kids are already exploring.

All the kids were told to put up the book bags and lunch and then go and sit on the rug (thanks to Pierce's preschool teacher he knew exactly what that meant)... and here he is the first kid on the rug and ready to learn.  So proud of him.

Ms. You introduced each student to the class and here are some shots of when it was Pierce's turn... he was a little "cheeky"... and after he said hi he said "thanks for introducing us" but in a very sarcastic tone... just look at that face...

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