Thursday, September 6, 2012

We now have a kindergartner...

We now have a kindergartner in the family... is this possible...where has the time gone.  This was (another) day that we have been waiting for and so excited for... There was a lot of build up in his last class in Singapore for this day and we have been talking about it all summer.  There were several days where Pierce would be thrilled (bc he would say he was going to High School) and then days he would say he did not want to go.  A week before school started I was having several moments of denial... as I watch Asher grow so fast (in size) before my very eyes and remember of just when I held Pierce in my arms when he was a baby and it felt like yesterday... so we would often have this conversation:

Me: "I have decided you are not going to Kindergarten"
Pierce:  "why"
Me:  You are going to stay home with me and I am going to lock you in a box and only give you water
Pierce:  I would die if you did that
Me: I will give you enough to survive but not enough for you to grow.  So that way you will stop growing.  And I don't want you to learn anymore.  No reading, No math, No spelling, nothing...
Pierce:  No, I want to go to school and grow and learn
Me:  No... not an option... I want you to always be my baby
Pierce:  No matter how big I get I will always be your baby
Me:  OK... I guess you can go to school

Reverse Psychology always works with him but his sweet comment about always being my baby will be something I will always remember... man do I love this little man.

So the day is finally here... and I really felt un-organized and the whole experience was so different than what I experienced as a kid or what I had expected.  No school clothes shopping, no supply shopping, no special event, no meet the teacher, no go to the school and check it out.. nothing.  So it really did not feel right but we tried to make it special.  Pierce woke up and had a good breakfast... we had talked about what he wanted for his special morning and he choose Eggs with Sugar (yuck)... so that is what we had... with a very special toast in the shape of Texas, the cutter is from Aunt JuJu and Uncle KW with a sweet note that said for Pierce to remember that he is loved from Texas.

Sweet card from Aunt JuJu and Uncle KW... they are so good at making even the smallest events/milestones so special.

So we got dressed in our uniform and took some pics... Pierce was really not all that excited to take pictures but we got some... 

Back in the states they would call his class Kindergarten and here it is Year ONE (which is equivalent to Kindergarten... they just call it something different)

We made little gifts for the teachers that were full of pens, pencils, tablets, erasers and post-its that said "You are the WRITE teacher for me"... This had been our prayer since Feb. (when we first visited the school) that we would get the RIGHT teacher for Pierce... a teacher that would understand Boys and that would let him be a boy and help him grow into the man that God had planned for him to be.

A week before school started we thought Pierce's teacher was one lady but we found out two days before school started it was someone else... so with all the prayer we knew that God's hand was in it and that he was taking care of Pierce.  There is only one Year ONE class but they had a change in teachers. 

How happy are you to go to school today... 

Starting to get tired of all the pictures... 

Daddy even got to meet us at the school... to send out big boy off to his first day... 

My boys.. Hard to believe that we are sending our big boy off to Kindi... so thankful that I got 5.5 years with just him and Daddy... a special time where we made many memories, had many laughs, were challenged in several areas and grew as a family... and now we have a family of 4 where I get special time with Asher while Pierce is in school but anxiously await his arrival back home every day.  Love all of these Denton Boys very much.

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