Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Math at home... with Pierce!

Hey.. You will love this… today at lunch Pierce and I were doing math… subtraction in sentence form… and I would ask him a question and he would answer and we would take turns asking questions… I am not making this up… these were Pierce's question to me… and when I asked him questions I was asking like "if I had 10 carrots in the bag and ate 3 how many would I have left"… He would answer and then he said these for his question to me?  So cute… 

What if Judah had 10 buildings and gave 1 to Paul to build for his family… how many would he have left?

What if Abraham had 7 sheep and gave 1 to the Lord… how many would be have left?

What if Pharoh had 8 servants and gave 2 to Jacob.. How many would he have left?

Pierce wants me to type this to you "If you print this out you can answer the questions and then send it back to us for a grade… or you could just answer it on the computer and send it back to us.  Or you could just leave it on the computer plain and just think about it."

He is such a sweet clever boy… I love these moments I had to write them to you… 

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erin said...

Dear Pierce,

I was catching up on your mom's blog tonight and had to comment on your very good math questions. I'm glad your mom is encouraging your higher order thinking skills! You are a very smart boy!

Here are my answers:

9 buildings
6 sheep
6 servants

I hope they're right!

Love to all,


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