Saturday, October 13, 2012

Asher... 2 months!

Asher John at TWO months
6kg (13.2 lbs) - 75th percentile
58.4 cm (23in) in length - 50th percentile (a big drop from last month)
42.5 cm (16.7in) in head cir. - 100th percentile (still a big melon)

Eating - every three to four hours
Sleeping - between every other feeding during the day and goes to bed at 9pm wakes again at 2-3am for a feeding, goes right back to sleep, wakes again at 6-7am and starts the day
Sounds - A-woo's (favorite sound to do with daddy)
Smiles - anytime you talk to him, sing to him, or just smile at him... smiles all the time
Happy - Extremely
Best Trait - patient
Cries - when tired and when we stop feeding him to burp him
Nick Name - Asher Boy, Asher John
Firsts - still really trying to suck on his thumb/finger (getting much better) and starting to twist his upper body like he wants to roll over (oh no... I am not ready).
Updates - He no longer wants to sleep on his belly, he is all back now.  Loves to watch his brother talk and walk around the room.  Asher also loves to be laid down flat when he gets tired (not to be held to closely).

Asher is doing a really good job at holding up his head and actually got to sit in the bumbo for the first time this month.

Pierce really loves his little brother... if there is every a chance to hug/hold/talk/kiss him, Pierce is on it.  Every morning he wakes up he has to give Asher a kiss and before he goes to bed Asher gets more kisses. We just love to watch these two as brothers... Recently Pierce came home from school and said that he has some bro's at school and one brother... I asked him what that meant and he said "well Asher is my brother but my friends are my bro's, they are just brothers that you don't live with".  

These are the booties that I used to tell Blake that we were feels so long ago since I purchased these in Singapore.

This next picture is a good picture of our house...Mommy, Daddy and Asher longing to take naps...but Pierce is full of energy

Check out these videos...
Here Daddy, Aunt JuJu and Pierce are trying to get Asher to talk... do you think he has a fan club or what...
Here are a couple of smiles and frowns...

Camera Shy but still really cute


Denton Family said...

I bet Asher starts talking to us very soon.

Keri said...

Your boys are beautiful......makes me so miss those days!!

Oh, and I love the new look on the blog!! Been thinking about trying to do something different myself!


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