Wednesday, May 1, 2013

STP Day...

Never knew that St. Patricks day was a Christian holiday... it is amazing how little I know about true meanings of some holidays/traditions... Thanks to Kathy May for sending me some goodies for STP day (see below) I asked Pierce's teacher if I could come into class one day and do a craft and some other fun stuff in honor of the fun holiday... after much research it turns out that Saint Patrick was a great guy... and did many great things.. google it... but my favorite is the clover that is used to be represent STP day is suppose to only have three cloves (we added another one... you will find out)... but Patrick always carried around a three leaf clover with him not for good luck but to share with others the "Trinity"... three leaves represent God, the son and the holy spirit... all attached to one main stem that brings them all life... our GOD (in three parts)... amazing huh... and as you can see on the packaging below... the "hallmark" version has added another clover... hummmm...

It was a great day... I just love being in Pierce's class with his friends... but don't get me wrong after a couple of hours I love leaving too... HE HE HE... We made these necklaces and the kids loved them (thanks Kathy... we adore you), we had a trivia game and did some other paperwork like crosswords, etc.  It was so much fun and afraid that we set the bar high for next year.  Sorry no pics of my time in the class... I was to busy teaching... :-)

That night... the parents got to play at the clubhouse... we hired our first babysitter and put on green and headed out... the compound band was playing at the clubhouse and their was a special on Guinness of course... so it was a full house... our first night out was a lot of fun. (sorry no pics of Blake... he was camera shy)

While in Singapore I was given some free green mascara and yellow eye shadow... I thought about giving it away at first but so glad I kept it... was a lot of fun on STP Day.

Fun times in Ulsan.
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Denton Family said...

Only you could take a close up picture of your eyes and not show any wrinkles!
Happy you are starting to get out and enjoying your new home. Love that!


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