Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Asher at 8 months... rolling, pushing, pulling and blowing.

Asher John at 8 months

9.5 kg - 80th percentile (same from previous month)
74 cm in length -95th percentile (increase from previous month)
??? in head circumference - 100th+ percentile I am sure

Eating - Same still eating stage 1 or stage 2 foods.  He enjoys broccoli with garlic, bananas with cinnamon and sweet potato with rosemary.  Wants to eat all the time.

Sleeping - Takes 2 solid naps during the day and sleeps 11 - 12 hours at night.  Starting to go to bed earlier around 6:30 and waking up with the sun around 6am.

Sounds - Way more opinionated and loves to just talk (silly noises) sometimes sounds like he is mad but just making lots of loud noises.

Best Trait - Loves his daddy.  He can hear his daddy's voice from a mile away and loves it.  He will start bouncing in your arms if he hears or sees daddy.  Makes my heart warm.  We often say Pierce is mine and Asher is daddy's.

Nick Name - same... Bubby has stuck

Firsts - Pulling up in bed from a sitting position.  We had to raise up the bed rail this month and it made me very sad and in the same week we brought out the high chair bc he was starting to get out of his bumbo.  Also Asher has started sleeping on his side at night, pushing up on his knees and blowing bubbles .Why do all these milestones happen at the same time... I want him to always be my baby.  And Asher went on his first vacation to Seoul, South Korea.  We had a great trip as the family and stayed a long weekend.  You will see lots of pics soon.

Updates - Asher is doing much better at sitting up. I can sit him on my bed for a long time and he will stay sitting unless daddy walks in the room, then he gets excited and throws himself backwards.  Still have to sit him in a soft place bc he will occasionally go boom.  Still only rolling back to front but no front to back.  He will get stuck in his bed at night or during nap time bc he will have flip himself over and not like it so he will holler until you come put him back on his back.

Funnies:  Well not sure how funny this is but it will tell you something about Asher's personality.  He has started to pull on a mirror that hangs above his changing table and he likes it when he gets a good hold on it and pulls it from the wall and it makes a lot of noise.  Well for obvious reasons this is dangerous so I am having to tell him "no" or "annyo (which means no in Hangul)" and give him a look. Well he has learned this is probably something he should not do bc now when he does it he will touch the mirror and look at me to see if I am about to tell him off... and the sad part is after about 2 seconds of hesitation he gives the mirror one good pull... oh no... we are in trouble.

Big Brother:  Has been sharing his germs with brother a lot... with all the kissing and hugging I am sure.

Here are some pics of Asher at 8 mos... 

Pushing up while on his belly... 

He is almost on his knees... that means crawling is next... oh no.

one happy baby.

And he has learned to blow a lot of bubbles... 

Still eating whatever he can get his hands on.

He looks mad but this is a really happy face

I love this picture bc it looks like a baby picture of mine (ViVi you will have to go hunt for it now)

Don't you just love baby feet

Another happy stance...

This is what happens when you put him in his bed and walk away (if it is not nap time).  He throws himself back and cries just a little.

Then he sees you and all is better... and here is the pull up from the sitting position.

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Denton Family said...

Love the 7 and 8 months next to each other you can really see how much Asher has changed. He is one sweet and happy little boy.


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