Sunday, May 12, 2013

Another day in Seoul...

Me and the boys got up earlier than daddy (surprise, surprise) so we had some good cuddles in bed anticipating our full day in Seoul... how could you not have a great day when you get to look at these two smiling boys.

They are so sweet to each other... Pierce just wants to cuddle and Asher loves every minute of it.

We got ready, ate and jumped in a taxi and headed to the Seoul Museum that was recommended to us by some friends... but on our way we were convinced by our taxi cab driver to go to the War Memorial instead... we are so thankful he lead us in this direction... this place was made for Pierce.  You will get to see a lot more pics in another post but here is a preview.

Afterwards we headed into a district called Incheon, where a lot of foreigners go to eat... Where the big US army base is located and we had some good mexican food and then called it a night.. we were all exhausted from walking the four floors of the museum.

This next morning we wanted some good food (again) before we headed back to so we headed to another district known for some good foods and lots of people and look where we ended up... California Pizza Kitchen... I had a great Salad (reminded me of Singapore) and a lemon margarita.

Great little area

Then we grabbed a taxi and went back to the train station to get back home.  We had a great trip and can't wait to go back.

When we walked into the train station... we saw a US military man all with his bags and we went up to him and thanked him for all that he did for our country and chatted a little about his family that he was going home to for a couple of weeks.  We left him and hung out a few feet away as we waited for our train and right before the man went a different way he came to Pierce and handed him this badge that was velcro-ed to his uniform.  What a honor and a very sweet gesture.

Back on the fast train headed home.  Pierce did a great job on this trip keeping up with his own bag and helping us out with all our other stuff.  He is a great traveler.
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Denton Family said...

Our Service men and women are so incredible. That was a very sweet gesture giving Pierce his badge.


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