Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Big Hash.... #650!

When the Hash Harriers celebrated the 650th run here in Ulsan... it was a big anticipate day that was finally here.  We all got our matching t-shirts, green bandanna's, some loaded into a bus and off we went.  It was a big crowd this time combined with a big long hike made for a big long good day.  We had never been to Jinha beach before... it was pretty and very windy.

Here is our group getting to know all the symbols that we placed with flour throughout the hike.

Off we go...

Lots of ups and downs along the coast.

Man how did all those people get in front of us...

A big hike up a hill... here's daddy but where is mommy... 

Yeah we made it... we had to encourage Pierce with power puffs (aka. baby puffs) and we made it.

We finally reached a fortress for a little adventure... very pretty.

Pierce and his classmate.

A beautiful view

And someone got to take a nap... so cute, right?

We all really enjoy our hikes every other Sunday with this group.... a great time outside getting some exercise and there is always a great lunch afterwards.

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