Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Asher at 7 mos.

Asher John at 7 months

Sorry no measurements this month... but you will just have to trust me... he is a big boy.

Eating - Eating everything in sight... sits in his bumbo and loves to have food shoveled into his mouth

Sleeping -  He wakes anywhere from 6:30 to 7:30 and then goes back down around 9:30 for a big nap until 11pm.  Stays awake until 2ish and then wakes around 5pm.  They goes to bed for the night around 7:30.  

Sounds - Starting to make da-da and bubba and mama noises but has no idea what it means.

Best Trait - Loves to smile... at anything or anyone... He meets a stranger in the elevator that is speaking a different language and he will smile at them.

Nick Name - Bubby 

Firsts - Easter... He got a basket full of baby goodies and went on his first easter egg hunt with bubba.  Also got to be with daddy for the first time on his birthday... Asher loves his daddy.

Updates - Still working on sitting up, he is doing much better but still falls over and rolling over is still a work in progress.

Funnies:  This kid wants to eat anything in sight... check out the pictures below.. he gets a hold of the back of the sticker and the finally the sticker and where do they go?  Straight in the mouth.

Big Brother:  PIerce loves to run into Asher's room first thing in the morning to kiss him good morning and loves to kiss him goodnight... and Asher loves it.

Here are some pics of Asher at 7 mos... he is getting so big.

I love all the many faces of Asher but especially that smile... my heart is full.
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