Saturday, May 11, 2013

First trip to Seoul...

A weekend trip to Seoul to get Pierce a new passport turned out to be a blast and a great first vacation for our family of four.  We took the fast train (the KTX) from Ulsan to Seoul... it took a little over 3 hours to get there and once we were there, we checked into the hotel and off we went... you will have to come back again tomorrow to see more pics...

After our embassy appointment (which was in and out... yeah) we saw this... you think Pierce was excited.

We saw this palace off in the distance and we had to check it out.. and check out those mountains in the background... wow.

These are real people... when we watched them they never moved...

And looked at times to be sleeping while standing up.

This guy in blue was a bit freaky... bc he would follow us with his eyes... weird.

We are having so much fun... jump for joy my big boy.

My little poser... 

Pierce wanted me to take pics of him as he stared off into the distance... I will spare you from all of the pics but here is one... 

Proof... Pierce taking a pic of himself as he is staring off into the distance

So where is daddy while we are doing all this... here he is... in charge of Asher while talking business.

We found a museum... oh we love museums... 

Daddy and Pierce building a wall out of blocks.

Playing dress up and eating fish.

This is how traditional Koreans sleep... and I am not sure how Pierce felt but it does not look comfortable.

Just a normal day in his robe in the kitchen.

Back outside and mommy had to have fun with the camera.

A statue among many statues.

Just a little hint about tomorrow... look in the picture to guess where we are headed the next day.

Time to go to bed... see you tomorrow.

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Denton Family said...

I'm so happy are you posting more pictures. Keep it up.


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