Friday, May 17, 2013

Asher at 9 months...

Asher John at 9 months

10 kg - 85th percentile (same from previous month)
75.5 cm in length -90th percentile (decrease from previous month)
48 cm in head circumference - 100th+ percentile (same from previous months)

Eating - A LOT.  If there is a minute he is awake he wants to eat.  He is starting to drink less milk and eat more solids.  He currently eats dinner around 5pm bc he just can't wait another second but then when the rest of us eat around 6pm he wants to eat again.  So he pretty much snacks and eats all day long.  There was a big momentous milestone the other day when I made home-made chicken mushroom carrot soup and we all 4 were eating the exact same thing.  Wow.

Sleeping - Takes 2 solid naps during the day and sleeps 11 - 12 hours at night.  Starting to go to bed earlier around 6:30 and waking up with the sun around 6am.

Sounds - Talks Talks Talks... we thought we had a quiet one but there has been a lot of chatter coming form this one.  Not sure if it was the pain from the tooth coming in or the cold that he got... but a lot of chatter.

Best Trait - There are so many things that I could say are his best trait... and I have in the previous months but this week I am so thankful that Asher is a good sleeper.  You can tell when he starts to get tired and you can just lay him down in his bed awake and he rolls to the side and off to sleep he goes.  No noise, no fuss, nothing... just so happy to be in his bed and going to sleep.  But I have noticed that if he is not in his bed he is not as happy to go to sleep (which is so much like his brother).  We have tried to give him his naps in his stroller on the go and sometimes we are successful but sometimes not.  

Nick Name - same... Bubby has stuck

Firsts - Asher is no longer using the baby swing or the baby bath.  He almost came out of the baby swing a couple of times and was doing the same with the bath so we thought it was time.  So sad to put away the baby stuff... 

Updates - Daddy is convinced Asher says Da-Da... he makes the sound but the jury is still out if he knows what he is saying.  Daddy is probably the favorite when it comes to Asher but he did get in trouble for the first time by daddy.  Pierce is not the only one who gets in trouble now (and I think he likes it), but the other night when we were all at the table having dinner, Asher was banging in body back and forth in his high chair (so hard it makes you feel like he will hurt himself or break the chair) so daddy said no... and Asher did not listen so daddy so no louder and then louder and then we all had to kind of chuckle bc it was the first time Asher was getting in trouble... poor baby.

Sweet Moment:  We were recently at a BBQ with some friends and a baby was there that is 10 days older than Asher and he was sitting in his walker and eating a hot dog (not broken up in pieces) and he was loving it (and not choking).  I remembered that this baby was close in age to Asher and I started to cry.  My friends looked at me and said "what is wrong", which is the worst thing you can ask someone when they are crying... but it was a little moment I realized that Asher is growing up and I AM NOT READY, I want him to always be a baby not a toddler running around in a walker eating a hot dog.

Big Brother:  Pierce has started to pick up Asher and love on him and next he will want to carry him around.  But I have caught them several times all curled up on the floor or tangled up in wrestling match on the bed ALREADY.

Here are some pics of Asher at 9 mos...

Can barely fit on the chair anymore like this... he wants to dive off...

still so happy

And I think we are getting a lot more teeth soon... chewing on everything even gets a hold of his sticker later on and wants to eat it.

Asher is really close to crawling and really wants to... check him out here... he can get on his knees but right now just pivots on his belly the most.

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Denton Family said...

As Pierce would say....Suns up!
Those are some really cute pictures of Asher but I'm not believeing 9 months alerady.


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