Tuesday, May 21, 2013

5 K and Easter Hunt at HFC

Yes lets go all the way back to Easter... we had a great first Easter here in Ulsan, South Korea.  It started with a 5 K and a Easter Egg Hunt/BBQ at the compound on Saturday.  We had a great time with friends laughing, walking/running and eating.

Pierce and his buddies getting ready for the race...

Me and my buddies getting ready... Blake was to busy taking the pics.. I did not get a pic of him and his buddies... his buddy was Asher :-)

Pierce and daddy ran off at the first of the race and I was walking with Asher... so us girls stayed behind.  Pierce did not really run much but they were ahead of us so they were waiting for us at the finish line.  Here me and Mandy are crossing the finish like with Asher.  Mandy was walking bc she was training for the MS 150 and was saving her knees.

We all made it and so happy to do our first official race as a family of 4.  

We headed back to the compound for some more fun... Pierce put his medal around his neck and here he is headed to the Easter Egg Hunt/Hash.

The kids lined up ready for the instructions.

They were going on a mini hash looking for golden eggs... there were only a few so you had to keep a good look out for them.
Guess who found one... Pierce with his old teacher from FS2.


While Pierce was enjoying the fact that he got a golden egg... Look what Daddy was doing... how many people men does it take to feed a baby...

Pierce shared his golden egg... one happy little brother.

Thanks to Kathy May for these cute little Happy Easter cup cake toppers we were able to bring some American Easter flare to the party... 
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