Thursday, March 14, 2013

Whoop.... Bowl Game!

There were many reasons we were itching to get back to Texas and one of them was to see the aggies play in the bowl game... Whoop.

This year both Blake's side and my side were there... what a special day.

Of course well had to get marooned out...

We dropped Asher off at a baby sitter (that was a first) and headed to the game early for the tail gating.  Pierce had fun digging into all the food and drinks... it was great fun with family and friends...

ViVi and Grandad were invited by some friends that had their own tailgating party... but they came to see us too... Yeah...

Heading into the game... now it was late and Pierce usually goes to bed by 7 pm so it was his bed time... and on the way into the game he asked "how long is this going to last"... it was going to be a long night but a good one.

Go aggies... He started the game off strong waiving his 12th man towel but soon after this picture he was asking "is it over yet"... He was a troopper and even though he was tired he loved it.

Theres the man... Johnny Football... he is worth all the hype.

And guess who won... we did of course... Whoop!

Pierce was invited to go see ViVi and Grandad in the suites... we were all invited but there was no way I was tearing Blake away from the game one second... so we stayed put and Pierce went to enjoy all the food and comfy chairs with ViVi and Grandad.

Giving some love to ViVi... a great night for sure... 
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