Saturday, March 9, 2013

Granny Camp 2013

Have you ever been to Granny Camp?  Well Pierce has... and boy did he love it.  Granny Camp takes some training/planning/organizing done by the Granny... there is even a book that you can read... but honestly I think any Granny time regardless of all of that... is awesome.

Our trip to Dallas this year included the first ever "Granny Camp"... conducted by Grandma (and Grandpa).  We had anticipated this day on many levels... Pierce was excited the whole day was going to be about him (surprise... surprise) and we were excited that we got the day with just Asher while Pierce was off at camp.

It happened on a Sunday so we all went to church together, ate lunch together and then from the parking lot of the restaurant we parted ways.  Pierce was now in "Granny Camp".

You can read all about it on Grandma's blog... she has Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.  She is such a good Grandma and they had such a good time...

First stop Perot Museum downtown Dallas that consisted of a lot of cool science stuff, some dinosaurs, other stuff that looked a lot like what daddy does and not one but two 3-D movies.


Next stop was a place that had fish taco's for dinner... oh that was music to this boys heart... food that had fish in it... yummy.  They even brought some back for mommy and daddy.

The last part of Granny camp consisted of a service project.  Through the course of the morning this idea shifted from baking cookies for a shelter to writing a letter to a military family to say thanks.

This is what Pierce wrote:
We met your dad.  Thank you for protecting us.  I love jets.  Jesus loves you.  God always gives you the tools to open your heart.

From Pierce (6  years old)

This is what Marcus wrote to Pierce:
Dear Denton Family (especially Pierce!)
Thank you so very much for the note y'all sent. I am glad to hear you enjoyed CCPC - I grew up in that church & have many fond memories.  Thank you also for the kind words of support.  It is very nice to know one is appreciated.  As for Pierce - if you love jets, I say go for it!  I am enclosing a picture of the jet I fly in the Navy.  It is called the E-6B Mercury.  It has four engines and is over 150 feet long.  Pretty cool stuff, huh?  I hope we can meet some time to talk about planes - I still love jets!  I wish you all the best, but keep those grades up!  To be a pilot you need to take math seriously.  I hope you had a great holiday season & wish you the best in 2013.
Sincerely, Marcus Walters LT, USN

What a great time... and can't wait to do it again... but next time will have more participants... can't wait to see...

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for taking the time to make sure you time with Pierce is special and memorable... I wish we lived closer that we could just hop over every weekend or so but you sure do know how to make the best of it... love you for many things this is just one of them.
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