Saturday, March 30, 2013

ViVi and Grandad came to H-town...

One our last 2 days in Texas... ViVi and Grandad came down to Houston to help out with packing and organizing storage... my parents truly are the king and queen of packing and consolidating... who better to call and when you call them... they always come... so thankful.

We did a lot of work but we also had some fun... They stayed with us at the Aunt JuJu's and Uncle KW's house so that just allowed us to have some group family time and more quality time after the kids went to bed... so fun... I wish we could do it every time.

One day Grandad took Pierce to the Science Museum for some dudes time... and mom and I went shopping and had some Sushi... I had been in the states for almost 3 weeks and not had sushi yet... well it was worth the wait bc we went to RA sushi in Houston and it was so so Yummy...

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