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Asher at 5 months...

Asher John at 5 months

8.8kg (19.4 lbs) - 91th percentile (decrease from previous month)
69.2 cm (27.25 in) in length -88th percentile (decrease from previous month)
45 cm (17.7in) in head cir. - 100th+ percentile 

Eating - Same, every 3-4 hours.  The big difference now is that he is eating rice cereal, avocados and squash.  We have substituted his dinner bottle for solid food and is doing really well with it.  Asher is really showing an interest in solid food... watching adults eat and big brother.

Sleeping - between every other feeding during the day and goes to bed between 7 and 8pm.  And the great news is... no more dream feed.  We kept the dream feed for the first week while in Texas just in case but as soon as we got back home in Korea we stopped and it went great... Asher did not seem to miss his dream feed at all... but I do have to say mommy misses it.  I cried the last time I did it bc I was really enjoying that time with him... I would spend that time at night praying just for him while holding him and it was very special to me... There are nights I still want to go in his room and hold him while he is sleeping but without a bottle to present him I am sure it would wake him up... and that would not be good... these baby stages go by way to fast.

Sounds - Still a lot of fun noises, even starting to blow bubbles but is starting to get a voice when he is hungry or tired.

Smiles - ALL the time.

Happy - Extremely

Best Trait - well he has proved to be a patient kid and loves people... but right now the best thing of all is that he loves his brother... oh my he hears his brothers voice and he will break his neck trying to find where he is... or when brother walks in the room there is no one else... these two are wild about each other.

Cries - still the same... more noises than anything... 

Nick Name - Bubba, Bubba 2, Asher Johnny Boy

Firsts - Asher rolled over at Aunt JuJu's and Uncle KW's house while watching bubba take a bath.  It was Jan 4th (bubba's birthday) and I was out of the room and had put Asher on the mat and when I came back in the room he had rolled onto his stomach... I missed it... don't you just hate when that happens... oh well... serves me right for wanting him not to do it for so long.  So he is officially rolling over.  And the teeth are coming soon.

Updates - Asher got to meet the rest of his family back in Texas in the month of Dec. and Jan. and he loved every minute of it... from opening all the Christmas, birthday, and just plain "bc you are breathing" presents to getting dog kisses from Grace he enjoyed every minute.  His first plane ride ever was to another country and then his second plane ride was 13 hours long.  His first stamp in his passport book was from the country who issued the passport, the good ole USA.  

Funnies:  Asher pretty much thinks anything is funny as long as you smile or laugh first... you could be crying real tears but just smile and he will smile and giggle back at you... but one thing that makes him laugh so hard is when you bury your face in his neck... he loves it... and sometimes will get a good hand full of hair to go with it... 

Big Brother:  Pierce has been so supportive of Asher's attempt at rolling over... you have got to check the video out below.... you can hear brother in the background supporting each attempt.  Also there was one time when we made it back to Korea that Asher had rolled over and then continued to roll and had bumped his head on the floor as he was rolling back onto his back.  Asher was not to happy about that and brother came to check to make sure he was all right... which was really sweet but wins the prize is when the next time Asher went to roll over.... Pierce went to catch him so he did not bump his head again on the floor... Pierce is one GOOD big brother.

We were in Texas for our 5 mos. photos so we did not have our 5 mos. sticker... but that is ok bc Asher got to sit in his cousin Anna's chair for the photo shoot.

This month he found his feet... oh what fun that is....

See... still no teeth but they are coming...

Here is brother trying to encourage the roll... 

Almost there... keep going...

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