Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fun at GM and GP's

Fun at Grandma's and Grandpa's... was full of fun, presents, hugs and more... Everywhere we went there was presents.... that is the great thing about going home at Christmas and near your birthday... presents presents and more presents... we were all spoiled rotten... but the thing we miss the most (now being back in Korea) is the people.... Here are some pics of our memories from this Christmas at GM's and GP's.

Little brother always watching big brother... love this picture...

Even Asher got some fun toys... 

Anna came to play one night... Pierce sleeps in a tent when we stay at GM and GP's and he loves it... here Anna is loving it too..

All these pics were so cute... I could not pick just one.

The grand babies... no words needed.

Pierce trying to fit into Asher's car seat... which use to be his and feels like it was yesterday when I was carrying him around in it.

Uncle Keith and Auntie Elly meeting Asher.

Yes these two are throwing a ball in the house... there are no rules at GM and GP's.

I love when we take photos like this... but we are missing JuJu and Uncle KW... someone needs to do photoshop... 
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Denton Family said...

what a fun Christmas we had. We got so much time this year and we loved it. Miss you so much!


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