Sunday, March 10, 2013

Love from ViVi and Grandad...

Houston to Dallas to Fort Worth... a whirl wind first week in Texas but so worth it... we are blessed with family... and they each sure do know how to show us love in their own special way...

ViVi and Grandad sure do know how to spoil us (especially Pierce).  We arrived and the Christmas Tree was surrounded by presents... beautiful presents... Vivi always makes them too pretty to open... but we got passed it and got to "passin" the presents.

Guess who was our elf...

See aren't they so pretty... my mom is so talented... she really has an eye for decor and making things so pretty.

pierce and all his loot...

Asher with his... this year I told ViVi and GD that it looked like there were a lot more presents under the tree... growing up as an only child I got an eye for number of presents... but they responded with "well yes we got one more person to buy for"... oh yeah... Asher's first Christmas with ViVi and Grandad... let the spoiling begin.

The bib says it all "who needs Santa when you got Grandma/ViVi"

So Happy... but seriously this thing should have an age limit on it for like 30+

Even daddy scored.... he got his hiking back pack he wanted... let the hashing begin (properly)

And just when Christmas was opened and played with... it was birthday time.  Pierce had to go on a treasure hunt to find his present.

So much fun.. we all were worn out... I love this picture bc this is how we end up most evenings... kids in bed and we find a comfy spot in the living room... and go to sleep... 

This is a random picture of a picture that is in my room at my parents house... This is a picture of a group of girls from college that mean the world to me... many good memories with this gang... and so thankful that my mom leaves this picture in my room... makes me smile every time I see it... we have all grown up, gotten married, had children, had struggles, had triumphs, moved away, and more... but knowing we are all sisters in Christ we know that we will be together again someday.  Love these girls.

Come back to see more fun with ViVi and Grandad.
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