Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ready for the packers...

This week has been one whirlwind... we are officially as of yesterday no longer living in our condo (so sad) which has caused this week to be so busy... a good busy but a bunch of sad goodbyes too.  Here is what our house looked like at the beginning of the week... we were ready for the packers.  Also let me just say I had no idea what we were getting ourselves in... we have never had packers pack us... we (well this was actually Blake's first time to be here during a move... YEAH) have always done it ourselves (with lots of help from family and friends)... I was a bit anal about getting everything organized, cleaned, and vacuum sealed... which really was not sure if it was necessary but it sure did help me process it all.  We had stuff everywhere and lots of stuff was not put in it place but it was really staged for things to pack, things not to pack, things to take with us in our suitcases, things to give away, etc... Enjoy our organized chaos.

I really want to take my spices with me... I hear you can't find some of them in Korea where we are going... hope they make it.
Pierce would come home everyday from school and find a new mess... and say "oh my"... he did really well with all the change and difference in his home... especially now as I write this we are sitting in a hotel... he is doing great... Stay tuned to see how the pack out went...

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