Monday, April 23, 2012

Cooking with Tita...

Our last week in our condo... we sure do have a lot going on and anticipating all the last... but here is one that we will miss greatly... Tita... what will we do without Tita... she has really become a member of our family and none of us are really talking about it... we know the time is coming that we have to say goodbye but until then we are going to get a lot of Tita time, Tita food and just plain Tita.  Tita knows my love for cooking (that does not exist) so she has taken it upon herself to teach Pierce how to cook so he can take care of mommy and daddy in Korea... here are some pics of them making some of Tita's famous flax seed bread.

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Denton Family said...

You are sooo going to miss Tita. Sorry we never had the opportunity to meet her.


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