Friday, April 13, 2012

4 years to the day...

April 10th marked our 4 year anniversary of our arrival in Singapore... and this year we found ourselves at the Korean Embassy getting our visas for our relocation... So many mixed feelings but a great past 4 years for sure.  We are so sad to see this journey in Singapore end but the thought of doing it all over again in another country is exciting... so Korea here we come... we are official and ready to go.  Stay tuned for more details about Korea.

However in honor of our time in Singapore here are just a few things that we are thankful for and have enjoyed in the past 4 years:

1)  Meeting and becoming friends (great friends) with some amazing people in Singapore that will for sure be friends forever no matter where we roam.
2)  The food of Singapore... wow we will miss you
3)  Living in Asia and so close other countries that we can visit
4)  Our church home... IBC you have blessed us in so many ways
5) Tita our helper... where could I even begin
6)  Blake's work... he has grown in so many ways
7)  The various cultures... never could we have experienced all that we have with the various cultures, traditions, people if we stayed in the US
8)  Pierce's school... Pierce started school here and will forever be a chapter in his life
9)  Family and Friends back home... the fact that they have not forgotten us is amazing
10) Visitors... we have gotten to spend some great time with friends and family that have stayed with us over the years and made lots of memories.
11)  Our God... learning and seeing first hand just how BIG He is... How He has been with us every step of the way and has enforced over and over again He is the God that was, that is and is to come.

The next pics are not great (sorry I did not have my good camera) but we wanted to remember this day... so here we are at the Korean Embassy.
Off to the next adventure (soon)...

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