Saturday, April 14, 2012

Friday Flashback... Yosemite 2003

I am just loving this Friday Flashback and looking back at all the great memories.  God has really blessed us and it always good to remember just how much... and Blake and I's trip to Yosemite was just one of many... and what a great trip.  Blake really enjoys to be outside and little did I know this was somewhat of a test to see "if I could keep up"... I was so in love I think I would have done anything... we ended up climbing the tallest waterfall on Yosemite but I think I might have dived off the thing if Blake would have asked me to.  Here is just a little glimpse of our time there and our journey up the waterfall... a great memory and one that we both like to remember often.

We are going to climb that?  Oh yeah...

We made it to the mouth of the falls several hours later... after we took this photo we split up and had a bit of quiet time... Blake went climbing and I put my feet into the water and fell asleep... so peaceful, romantic and memorable.
A great day and hope to do it again someday... this time with kids...

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