Thursday, October 24, 2013

Asher at 12 mos...

Asher John at 12 months

  11kg - 90th percentile (same from previous month)
  80 cm in length - 85th percentile (increase from previous month)
  49cm in head circumference -  100th percentile (same from previous months)

Eating - Well just last month we were saying he would eat anything (which is still the case) but he does have him limits.  And now when he is finished he will throw the food/drink on the floor.  He is still a good eater and the amount is crazy (hence the big belly) but he sure is happy when he has a full belly.  We have now introduced whole milk and peanut butter to his diet and at first he was not a fan of the milk.  We kept trying and now we can him to drink a whole glass of milk over the course of the day and he prefers cold milk.

Sleeping - The same... still takes 2 naps and sleeps through the night.  Sleeping really well in his preferred environment.  He no longer will fall asleep in my arms (so sad) but still occasionally falls a sleep in his stroller.  We have been traveling a lot over the past month (Texas and back) and he does not like to sleep when he is not in a bed, it does not have to be his bed but a bed is a must.

Sounds - Mama, dada, bubba and BALL all the time

Best Trait - Social... we got another social butterfly.  He loves to be in Know and loves being around groups.  He will go to anyone and will usually leap out of my hands to get to the next person.

Nick Name - Little B, bubbie, bubba, Asher John and munchkin

Firsts - Steps... he has officially taken his first steps and the most we have seen are about 3-4 at a time.  He still is not "walking" and prefers to get around by crawling (really fast).  He can stand up without any assistance and can hold his balance for a time.  He can also hold us his finger showing you how old he is, when asked.  

Updates - Asher is one... I still can't believe it.  He will always be the baby and we all adore him to pieces.  Other than taking his first steps and saying some new words, he still is our sweet perfect little angel.

Sweet Moment:  Asher seems to really enjoy being laid down for his naps.  He wears a sleep slack and when it is time to get in it he lays so still and gets all zipped up.  After I zip him up I pick him up and he throws his head on my shoulder.  He will never fall a sleep like that but he will let me cuddle with him, sing to him, rock him like that for how ever long I want to.  I usually will rock with him for a few minutes and sing him songs and pray over him as he presses all his wait into my shoulder and chest... I just love it.

Big Brother:  Still loves him to pieces (I say this bc I am sure there will be a time when they will fight... he he he).  Pierce has really stepped up to be a big helper.  He will run and get my towels, rags, toys, etc.  Pierce has even been caught cleaning up Asher's toys and when asked why he said "bc Asher can't do it yet".  Also recently there was a time when Asher was on the floor and I had the dishwasher opened and Pierce ran over and closed the dishwasher and said "mom there are knives in the dishwasher, you need to close the door for Asher's safety"... love my boys.

Memorable moment:  When daddy walked into the room and I almost dropped Asher bc he leaped out of my arms.  There have also been many occasions where I have been given a mean left hook from Asher as he twist his arms/body to get into Daddy's arms.


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Renee Westcott said...

Oh my, he and pierce look so much alike!! Love the update on your big boy.


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