Monday, October 7, 2013

Time with GP and GM

We always love our time with GM and GP... its never long enough but they were coming back to Ulsan with us after our Texas tour so no time for tears... just fun...

Here are some pics our time together.

I had to throw this one in... I just love flashbacks and love seeing Asher wear Pierce's clothes... This was taken on Pierce first birthday ready for church... in the same outfit as Asher a few days after his 1st bday.

The pic below is my favorite... these two are made for each other.

We always like to take pics with them at their church

This is always one of the highlights of the trip.. Pierce gets to ride in the cool car and sit up front (bc there is no back seat) and the car does not have a roof... how much cooler could it be (ok.. maybe if it took off into flight during the drive that would be cooler... but this is pretty neat).

I wanted to capture this pic of GP and Asher bc I have a similar pic of Pierce when he was 8 mos old with GP in these same clothes (see below).
Asher is 12 mos here and Pierce was wearing the same clothes at 8mos.
The boys look totally different to me in these pics... Pierce had little to no hair and had blue blue eyes... Asher has darker features but my camera is so much better 6 years later so we get to pick up on those things...


That's one amazing view from his breakfast chair... 

This is what Pierce looked like after leaving their house... a new hat and some new shades... ready to conquer the world.

Thanks GM and GP for another great trip.
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