Saturday, October 5, 2013

Asher's First birthday DAY!

We arrived in Texas just days before August 4th which would be Asher big ONE day... The party was small but it was fun and special.  We missed Daddy but took lots of pics and video for his viewing.  We had found Pierce's 1st bday hat and shirt so we had to get Asher all dressed up for the cupcake pics.

Check out the next comparison of my boys... In Pierce's words "we don't look a bit different"
Pierce on 1st bday
Asher on 1st bday

The hat was a bit small... he was ready to take it off.

Cupcake time

Asher's first cupcake
Pierce's first cake


Asher above and Pierce below


One year later.. look how we both have changed.

We had a wonderful morning with Aunt JuJu and then we joined some old friends back at Second and then had some lunch... they had also had their first baby just a few months before Asher... and it was so good to get Asher and Kitty at the same table.  I just love friends and their children.

Happy Birthday baby boy... oh how time has flown by... If I could lock you up and keep you small forever I would.
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