Thursday, October 3, 2013

Finally made it to Seattle...

After a fun filled packed first few days in Texas... the boys and I headed to FTW to see ViVi and Grandad and then board another plane... destination Seattle, WA to see more family.  I had not see this side (grandad's) of my family in a decade so it was a very much anticipated and exciting trip.  It was so nice (and helpful) to have ViVi and Grandad to go with us.
Poor Pierce had been dragged all over the world so far... and once he got off the plane into the car he was out... sweet boy.

Seattle is beautiful... the weather was amazing.

We had a great time catching up and Pierce got to meet some new people that he gets to call family.

I have two cousins that live in Seattle and these are just some of their kids... we are missing two of them in the pics.  They are sweet and so beautiful.

When we first arrived in WA, pawpaw was not doing so well and had been in the hospital.  He took a much better turn the day we arrived and left the hospital and went back to his assisted living home that night.  We were all so happy to see him and get to talk with him. He still has a fiery spirit and made us laugh.

Asher was very interested in PawPaw... his great grandpa.

After a few days in this lovely state... we headed for the water just with ViVi and Grandad.

We went on a fishers pier and got see these cool sea starfish with so many legs.

And some huge jelly fish that were everywhere... they called them egg yokes.

Some people were there to catch fish and then other to catch crabs... we got to watch and take it all in.

Then we had heard about these cool colorful starfish that were under a bridge.  So we took off in a hunt to find them and along the way Pierce made friends with some kids who had started their own little museum of findings.  (which later got in trouble by the ranger... it was a good lesson for Pierce to be there... I love teachable moments like that where it is not me doing the dirty work).

They are on the hunt... 

We found several... we could not get to them very easily... they were out of the water but super-glued to the rocks... we would try to get them off but in hopes not to hurt them we did not try to hard... they were on their well... and they were bright purple.

What was Asher doing... this and taking some naps.

Back at the house we got some pics with Granny... great granny.

We are blessed to call these people family... and these boys are blessed to have so many great grandparents.  We hope to see them again sooner than later.

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