Saturday, October 12, 2013

So glad to be back...

Thanks to my parents I got to go to College Station Kid Free... which was a huge blessing so I could hang out with my friend Kathy May and just get to love on her (with no distractions)... I also got to see an old friend from College.

From the beginning... I left FTW with the kids in good care and hit the road (just like when I was in college leaving Thanksgiving festivities in FTW and headed back to school).  I was feeling good had the stereo turned up and I was enjoying the scenery of the freeway and then all of a sudden traffic... terrible traffic.  We were being routed off of the freeway and crawling about 5 mph.  I called Kathy and told her what was going on and if she had any other suggestions of how I should get to CS... and she said "I know you are frustrated"... and I told her "how could I possibly be frustrated... I was all alone with no kids, not in a rush, I got the music turned up (my music) and no one needed me... life could not be better and I was not going to let this detour change that... I even rolled down the window and said hello to the officers (now if I had the kids with me that would not have been the case I am sure)... So off we went on an unknown adventure but 30 minutes later I was back on track.

I finally made it to CS and parked on campus and immediately noticed that it was move in day for the the freshman... Oh it was so exciting looking at all the family decked out in maroon, carrying maps of the campus and smiling from the ear the ear (well at the least the kids and the dads, the moms you could see little tears in their eyes).  I walked across campus to go to my old stomping grounds of where I use to work for 3 years, Harrington Tower.  I meet up with Kathy and got to see some professors I use to work with.  Then Kathy and I went for a walk to see the new MSC and see all the changes.  It was a great day filled with many memories.

Right outside Harrington Tower there is a statue with bricks at the feet of it... one of the bricks was for Sara May.

It looks a little different but still the same old flag room... I spent lots of time on those couches hanging out with fellow Aggies for Christ... great times.

After a night of catching up, Kathy and I headed to Sara's plot to spend sometime remembering our sweet Sara and having a good cry together.  

Icing on the cake.. I got to have a Starbucks with my dear friend Paige.  What a great 24 hours... I wish I could do this all the time... and the best thing about going to college station and seeing these people it does not matter how much time goes by, we can pick up where we left off... very special for sure.
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