Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Asher's 1st Birthday... Having a Ball!

What a great time to be home with friends and family... we got to celebrate Asher's first birthday in Fort Worth with our loved ones.  It was a special time for sure and so thankful for ViVi and Grandad for opening up their home and making it that much more special.  And so thankful for all those that came out to the party.  I will forever remember all that you do to make us feel special and loved.

Asher's favorite thing in life as a 1 year old are balls... so it only seemed fitting to have a Ball party.  Although at the time I felt like it was original but just after 5 min on Pinterest I soon found out this was a very common theme... and so glad it was bc I got lots of ideas from online and off we went to planning and decorating.  I am sure glad my mom loves to decorate and is so helpful with all the details (and my dad of course and all the painting, tacking, hanging, sorting that has to be done for a party done right... he he he)

Here is the man of honor... our big one year old.... where does the time go???

You can read all about Asher on the last post where I detail all his measurements, moments, and more but I think this picture says it all... He is a miracle... love this little dude... our family was never complete without him but we just didn't know.

Daddy and I had taught Pierce how to hold up one finger on his first birthday when asked "How old are you"... so it only seemed fitting to see if brother could do it to... Well done brother.

This is where my mom and dad's final touches get to shine... here are all the decorations for the party.

This banner was made my dear friends in Singapore when they found out I was pregnant.  They threw a baby shower for us and this was hung above the cake.  I had to save it and it was hung in his nursery when he came home and now displayed at his first birthday... what can I say I am sentimental.

Have you ever had flavored colored popcorn?  Well if you haven't you need to... yummy and fun to decorate with.

For the take home gift for the all the children there was a ball, bucket and bubbles with their name on it.

A great day for sure... and more pics to come... this was just the beginning.
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