Saturday, March 31, 2012

20 weeks...

20 Weeks... and mommy can feel the baby!

Age: 20 Weeks

Size: small cantaloupe (but mommy feels like a big cantaloupe)

Gender:  Boy

Name:  TBA soon

Mom's Cravings: cabbage (still) and sweets around 9pm (not so good)

Pierce's comments: Pierce has picked out some toys in his room saying that these are for the baby.  And also the other day we went to Toys R Us to get a haircut and Pierce picked up a advertisement and came home to circle all the things that he wanted and all the things that we needed for the baby.  There were a lot of things circled.

Doctor's Prediction: We went and had a check up and at 20 weeks baby was already measuring a week a head of schedule... he will be another big one.  The Doctor said "well you just know how to grow babies"... I will take that as a compliment.

Movement:  Yes... Yeah... I felt the first kick on March 12th while I was watching the movie Lorax with Pierce... the baby already likes Dr. Seuss.  Really started to feel the "activity" of this baby on the 19th when there was lots of jumping and kicking... makes mommy smile every time.

Sweet Moment:  Just today I dropped Pierce off at a friends and asked for a kiss and he ran to me and put his arms around my ever growing waist and gave a kiss first to the baby and then to me on the lips... the baby is already getting the lovin first.

Sweet Moment #2:  Around week 18 I got my first random rub down... where someone from church came up to me (I know her name and have worked with her in children's ministry but don't know each other very well) and rubbed my belly... you never really know what to do in that situation but I was overwhelmed with happiness and told her that she was the first one to rub my belly... we both smiled and had a long hug.  We praise God for this baby (all babies)!

Date of Arrival:  Late July 2012


Michelle said...

Seriously?! Could you both be any cuter? Love Pierce's smile... love the baby bump!

Melanie said...

You look great! And Pierce looks like he's ready to be a big brother!


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