Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pierce's new school... Hyundai Foreign School

Pierce's new school... Hyundai Foreign School (the only English Speaking school in Ulsan... the next one is 1.5 hours away).  This school is also located on the Foreigner's compound that has lodging, cafe, club house and school.  And I hear the place to be... so I am sure we will all be spending a lot of time here.

Here is the main building for K - 7th grade (no high school).  They have a little over 140 kids (If I remember correctly).  The school is British based curriculum but American credited.

This building on the right is a new addition (when they got to big for the first building).  This is where some of that arts are held, the new gym and lunch room.

Computer Class...

Cafeteria... this will be much better for Pierce since his current one is located outside.

The playground.

Art class... their recent project was making rockets out of bottles... oh how Pierce would have loved that.

Now doesn't that look fun... but don't get to excited if you use this it means you are running away from something... this is the school's fire escape... oh how fun...

Pierce's Kindergarten (yes can't believe he will be in K next year) class... and check out all the coats... wow...

Another Kindergarten class... the teacher is wearing the scarf and she is from South Africa... the kids seemed to be having a lot of fun and loving being there.

When we arrive in May the school year will still be in session so Pierce will start at the Early Foundation class to get to know his new friends for a month and then have the summer off.  The Early Foundation School is located on a different campus and much smaller... so this will be where you can find Pierce in June and July.  Here is his playground.

And the Early Foundation Classrooms... looks fun right?

And their library... I want to sit in that chair...

They do ask for a lot of volunteers for various reasons so I am excited about helping out as much as possible... and bringing along baby #2 for the fun.

Pierce is excited about his new school and very excited to get a new teacher and new friends... and he thinks he is going to be the big kid bc he is going to Kindergarten...

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Denton Family said...

love to see where Pierce will go to school, where you will live. Thank you so much for taking the time to blog!


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