Friday, March 9, 2012

16 weeks...

16 Weeks... and mommy is always HUNGRY!

Age: 16 Weeks

Size: similar to a onion

Gender:  Boy

Name:  Still deciding

Mom's Cravings: cabbage and lemon pepper

Pierce's comments: When Pierce talks to the baby he always says "Hello this is Pierce your big brother and this is my voice"... he says it like a robot and really loud.  So cute.

Dad's Prediction: Daddy says that it seems that I am showing faster this time around so he predicts another big baby boy.

Movement:  Baby is moving a lot but I can't feel him yet... amazing.

Sweet Moment:  We found out that you were a boy and we are thrilled and one day I was signing out of an email and wrote " from Camille and all her boys" which brought a huge smile to my face knowing that you would have a brother and so would Pierce and that I would be a mom of all boys.

Sweet Moment #2:  Someone had asked Pierce if he had a brother or a sister and he said no.  Later I asked him why he said no and he said bc the baby is not here yet we are still waiting on God to bring him.

Date of Arrival:  Late July/Early August 2012

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Jenny Wims said...

SO exciting Camille! Can't wait to see that little one! So fun for your family! What a blessing :)


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