Sunday, March 18, 2012

Why we need daddy....

This Thursday will be 30 days (and counting) since daddy has been gone due to work... Pierce and I find ourselves daily missing daddy and hoping that he will come back soon.  But in these 20+ days we have learned many reasons why we need him:

1)  Daddy gives Pierce a much more fun bath time than mommy!
2)  Mommy does not know the names of all the star war characters
3)  Pierce wants daddy to read to him at night
4)  We need daddy to remind us to pray at dinner time when mommy is so hungry (bc of baby) that she forgets
5)  We need daddy to put something mechanical or educational on tv besides mommies pick of Strawberry Shortcake.
6)  Daddy is better at kicking the ball
7)  We have a lot of broken legos that need Daddy's help
8)  We need to hear that Daddy loves us
9)  We don't like going through the day without seeing and hugging daddy
10)  Well it just does not feel right without Daddy here


Anonymous said...

Thank you for that babe!

I love you guys and miss you very much


Denton Family said...

How sweet. We need daddy too!
Need to see his sweet smile
Need to hear his laugh
Need to talk technical to his dad
Need to know his is OK!


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