Friday, March 2, 2012

Birthday Fun... part 3!

The birthday festivities never end... next thing up was passing out the camo bandannas, army hats (to use as buckets), take a group photo and then pinata time.

My friend got like 30 shots of the group pics... they were so cute we would ask them to do different things (including jump in the air and throw your hats) and they did a great job and all the photos are so cute... here are just a few of Pierce and all his friends (minus the big kids... they were too cool for this pic).

Pinata time... Pierce was the only one who got spun around and he got to go first... of course...

All the kids got a turn (the bigger kids at the end) and then Pierce got to go again and the tank came a tumbling down... cool picture...

The pinata did not split well so daddy had to help out with dumping all the goodies...

Pierce was so excited that he got a pair of camo glasses (there was not only candy but lots of camo goodies too).

Happy Birthday Pierce... every year on your birthday we have a family photo and you are always wearing a hat (1 year - 1 year old crown, 2 year - pilot hat, 3 year - hard hat, 4 year - pirate hat, 5 year - camo hard hat)... wonder what you will wear next year... right now you want a "Police Army Helicopter Party"... that one sounds difficult better start planning now.

Please don't spit on the cake while you blow out your candles...

After cake it was time for the presents... so all the kids piled into the tent and opened presents... this was so cute bc all the kids were so excited for Pierce to open up their present and then they would go into some story explaining why, where and when... so fun and Pierce was all smiles.

Tita of course had fun loving on all the kids... and passing out balloons.

The picture above is all the boys from our old condo... best friends for life... what a great party and great memories... thanks to all of those that came and made it so special.  Love you all.

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Denton Family said...

You out did yourself on this party. You are a Super you!

tjsing said...

looking at these pics made us miss Singapore. It seems like yesterday that we were celebrating Pierce's 4th birthday party! Travis and Jess.


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