Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another first... now going to ICS!

As of the 10th of this month we have an officially International Community School student... and we could not be more proud. We have heard about ICS since we arrived in Singapore almost 3 years ago bc of its great school program, that is Christian based and how close it was to us when we were located on the West Coast but Pierce was not old enough or we were leaving so we never really looked into the school for him. However when we returned in Sept. I called them to see if they had any openings only to find out that they were full for the coming year... We were sad about that but that is when we found Eton House (which you have seen lots of pics from there). In December we got a call from a friend that I know from MOPS at IBC and she works at ICS and said that they had an opening in Pierce's class and asked us if we were still interested and if we were we had to have the application and the first deposit in within 24 hours... when we got the call we were standing in the airport on our way to Cebu and we knew we had to act fast. Blake and I looked at each other and smiled and then I said "I feel like God is working a miracle that we did not even ask for... we would be stupid not to take this opportunity"... so we took it... and thanks to a lot of people within 24 hours were enrolled. I had a meeting the following week with the admissions people and Pierce joined the class for a half day. With all the "fast paced" decisions we forgot how sad it would be to say goodbye to Eton House but we did... and we were sad. We really enjoyed Eton House but we were so excited to get Pierce settled into a school that he could graduate from (no grandparents we are not staying that long) and where they taught Bible every day. We also have a lot of dear friends that send their children here so we were excited about the community that would soon welcome us as family.

During the holidays we spent a lot of time talking about ICS and talking about how only BIG boys and girls get to go there... and Pierce was pumped... we got our uniforms and walked proudly around the house with them on... we were BIG now... and when Pierce turned 4 he said... "Now I get to go to ICS"...
So a week and a half ago was our first day... and we of course had to take 1st day of school pictures... even if it was January.

Pierce and Tita walking from the condo...look at this big boy... so proud with his back pack.

Off he goes... he looks like he is 12 but he will always be my baby (shhhh don't tell him ok?)

"Hey mom are you coming"

The first week we did not take the bus bc I wanted to take him to school... since it is a big campus with alot of kids... I wanted to go... you get it don't you???

Can you tell how happy he is... still sitting in mommy's lap but we both like it that way... soon he will ask to sit next to me... but I am not going to rush that.

Here we are... we finally made it... We no longer live down the street and it takes about 30 min to get to school bc of traffic but we are excited about this opportunity.

Pierce has 2 long days at school (8 to 3) and 3 short days (8 to 1:30)... on the short days I get to pick him up and when I am early I get to catch them in the hallway (outdoors) heading back to the class... here is his Junior Kindergarten class getting back from PE class... so cute right...

Ms. W is the assistant in the class and she asked all the kids to take a seat so I could take a picture... can't you just eat up all these boys and girls... big boys and big girls right???

Mrs. Wong (left) is his teacher and Mrs. W (also Mrs. Wong) (right) is his assistant teacher are lovely people... Pierce has enjoyed getting to know them and when I asked him to take a picture with Mrs. Wong he said but we need the other one... so we got both... :-)

Here we are in the office waiting for our Taxi... he is so pooped after school he can hardly stand up... but it is good for him... he is learning every day... he has already come home tracing alphabet letters in the air, and numbers, singing songs, telling me stories in the bible and more...

I still need to get more pics of the campus and of his classroom... so more to come... we are so proud of our little man... We are still getting use to this school and all that we need to learn but Pierce does seem to enjoy it. He was a bit naughty last week at CHAPEL time but today the teacher he said he did much better... which is good but I we are just thrilled that he gets to experience CHAPEL at school... We give thanks to God for giving us this blessing here in Singapore and this opportunity. There is not a day that goes by when I drop Pierce off at school and I thank God for always providing.

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Renee Westcott said...

How wonderful that a spot opened up for Him. God is taking care of you guys! I'm so happy you are excited about his school


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