Thursday, January 6, 2011

4 on the 4th 2011...

2+2 = 4... always but especially on your birthday this year... Happy 4th birthday Pierce.

Good bye terrible threes and hello fabulous fours...

Pierce... you really amaze us... the past 4 years have been amazing and full of pure laughter. Not only do you keep us on your toes but you make us smile the whole way. Ever since your dad and I can remember we have always wanted children but little did we know that God would give us you... a wonderful, funny, witty, clever, handsome little man that we can call our own. We could not be more proud... and I know that you are also adored and loved by many others... may we always show just how much. We thank God everyday for you.

Here is a funny story that happened the other day near Pierce's 4th birthday.

Setting the scene. I am in the computer room which is next door to Pierce's room and he and Tita are playing in his room while I am working on the computer.

Pierce: "SH*T"
Pierce: "SH*T"
Pierce: "SH*T"
Tita: "Pierce we do not say that word"
Pierce: "SH*T"
I get up from my chair and STORM into his room and give him the look.
Camille: "What are you saying"
Pierce: "SH*T"
Camille: "Where did you learn that word?"
Pierce: "School"
I walk into the bathroom get a dollop of liquid soap on my finger
Camille: "We don't say that word, now come here while you get soap in your mouth bc that is a very naughty word"
Pierce: (screaming) "No mama it's just another word for boat"
Camille: (totally trying to dig myself out of hole) "Your right, it is another word for boat I am glad you learned that from school"
Pierce: "Ship" but it still sounded a lot like SH*T
Camille: (washing soap off my finger) "Your a good boy Pierce"

I am not sure if that was an appropriate story to share with you to show you just how much we love this little man... but it proves just how he keeps us on our toes.

Also since Pierce's birthday you ask him how old he is and most times he will say "sixteen"... oh boy... :-)


Renee Westcott said...

Hehehe...what a good story. Poor little guy almost got the soap! I love that he thinks he's 16 too. Trouble!

Denton Family said...

Great story and we have re-told it to our friends...Happy Birthday Pierce.

Dave and Lisa said...

Happy birthday, Pierce! And you go, mommy - way to be ready to deal with the situation even though it wasn't what you thought at first. :-)


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