Friday, January 22, 2010

A day at the park with friends...

Going to the park is always fun but taking your son to the park where you played when you were a little child is even better... and then you add some friends and it is a perfect day.

That is exactly what we did... Erin Jones and her kids (minus one) and Shelly and her kids meet us at Robot Park in Benbrook. I grew up in Benbrook and I grew up at this park... alot has changed but some of same slides, rides and swings are still there... what a treat to have Pierce play at that same park.

We had a picnic with the kids and the moms... what a beautiful day.

Pierce and Avery are getting pretty tight... look at this... hand in hand on the way to the robot.

Ok... this is funny to me bc the Robot at Robot park use to be known as the make out spot... not that kids would go kissing or anything but when were young and a girl and boy were at the top we would just call it that (not sure what we thought making out was)... but I thought this was so cute that Pierce was taking Avery (hand in hand) to the Robot... the very top is now closed off (probably for that reason... making out) but still so cute.

Little Ray Jay.

I remember playing on this slide and loved running around and around on top and that is exactly what Pierce liked to do...

These pics are not in order but this was taken towards the end... Pierce was tuckered.

Erin and her baby of 3 Noelle.

There was one point I could not find Pierce (well there were actually lots of times I could not find him) but this is where he was one time... hiding in the tunnels..

Just love this little man... the happiest baby for sure.

Me and Regan.

Shelly and Regan...

Pierce and Bonnie (Erin's eldest girl) down the slide they go... again and again.

Look at those gorgeous eyes... sweet Noelle..

Wow... are days are flying by and I am sad to see them go (each one of them)... we are having so much fun with friend and family and we sure do like all the lovin...


erin said...

Awww...such cute kids. Their parents are so lucky!=) Thanks for taking pictures! It was fun.

da momma said...

oh im so sad to have missed you guys!!!! seems to happen everytime! NExt trip to DFW and we are scheduling in advance! :) what a cool park!

Denton Family said...

Camille, I'm so happy you are capturing all these beautiful memories for us all.


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