Monday, January 4, 2010

Perfume River... in Hue!

Our first day in Hue we hoped on board our own private little boat and headed down/up/across (not sure really) the perfume river to see some temples...Pierce was so excited to go on a boat... hew as just upset it was not solid blue... he kept saying I want a blue boat... I want a blue boat and then I think he wanted to take it home...

The tickle monster made it on the boat some how... ohhh he is coming to get me.

When we stopped and got out at one of the temples Pierce made friends with some girls... they sure were smiling at him and asked him his name and how old he was... he soon started making this sound (like a mating sound) and they repeated it and that kept on going on for about 5 min... we all thought it was so cute.

Now he is chasing them around...

Still chasing.... and goodbye.

Our boat ride back to the hotel we got some great shots of locals fishing in the river.
A neat experience... and thanks to my friend Stephanie for all the great "must do list"... another great day in Vietnam.
I know I am taking along time to write about this trip but I don't want to miss any details... and then I will spend another month trying to catch up on Christmas and New Years... which both were great... I am just going to make you wait to see pics of it... HE HE HE

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Renee Westcott said...

I love the tickle monster picture of Pierce. Oh the suspense about New Year's...knowing you it was really fun and interesting!


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