Monday, September 30, 2013

Time to go to Texas... 2013

After a great couple of weeks with JuJu in Korea we followed her to Texas (on different planes).  We got an unexpected opportunity to go home bc Daddy had to go to the gulf... so we hoped on a plane with him to see family and get some good food from home.  We were all excited for a three week trip back home... it was going to be packed (our plans were to see family in Seattle, visit family and friends in Texas, see doctors about getting Asher circumcised, getting our teeth cleaned, shopping and eating.  It was going to be busy... we got our bags packed and we were ready to go.

Off we go (not a great pic of me.. but this is not about me... HE HE HE)

Since Blake was going on Business... he got Business seats but he let Asher an I take them.  We had a total of three legs.  Busan to Tokyo, Tokyo to Dallas and then Dallas to Houston. The first leg Asher had his own seat (things were starting off very well).

Time to eat... 

Once we landed in Tokyo we had a short lay over and then we got on another plane and headed to Texas... the flight was 12 hours long and the little man slept 10 total hours.  The trick was flying in the middle of the night... and the big boy also did great in the back of the bus watching about 10 movies... and took a little nap.

Once we got to Houston we hit the road running... we had tons of appointments and things to do but someone was really tired...JuJu took him to the grocery store and this is what happened.

 Here is a pic of Pierce waiting his turn at the dentist.

But we still did a lot of playing... we had not been home in the summer in years and were excited about getting in the pool and playing outside.  We also had to introduce KW to some good ol kid games...

Thanks to JuJu's smart thinking and kind heart... she had got lots of toys from her friend for Asher to play in/with. He was cruising and Grace loved to chase him... or was it the other way around.

How old are you?

While driving around... I noticed we were back in Houston... check out those rems.

Daddy and I even got a date night... see how dark it is in the background and no kids... wow... thanks JuJu and KW.

Come back again to see more fun...

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